The following are a selection of photographs of railway infrastructure.

The southern portal of Merstham
Tunnel on the Up Redhill line.

Merstham Tunnel (Southern Portal).jpg

13th February 2008


Looking north to Skew Bridge (where the
Quarry Line passes over the Redhill road).

Skew Bridge.jpg

13th February 2008


Brook Road bridge (Up Fast near Thornton Heath).

Brook Road (Thornton Heath).jpg

13th February 2008


Sandfield Road bridge (Up Fast near Thornton Heath)

Sandfield Road (Thornton Heath).jpg

13th February 2008


Approaching Battersea Park where the Victoria
Up Fast passes over the South Western Main Line.

Up Fast to Victoria crossing SW main line.jpg

13th February 2008


Signal PT103 Purley against a backdrop of the former locomotive shed.
Being located within the Training School it has never signalled a train!

Signal PT103 at Purley.jpg

30th July 2008


The South Westernís
approach into Waterloo station.

Waterloo station throat.jpg

13th February 2008


An atmospheric view inside the Hastings
diesel depot at St Leonardís West Marina.

St Leonard's West Marina.jpg

25th February 2006