Isle of Wight 2008 (1)

The Isle of Wight is well known for its use of tube stock. Originally Standard Stock was employed but this was replaced
by 1938 stock which was, in relative terms older than the Standard Stock when it went over to the Island in 1967!


Ryde St Johnís Road and red-livery unit departs with the 14:55 to Shanklin while the last of the Dinosaur-livery unit waits for time with the 14:57 to Ryde Pier Head on 23rd April 2008.

W1 1938 tube trains on the Isle of Wight.jpg


Ryde St Johnís Road and Dinosaur-livery unit (006) sets off
with the 14:57 to Ryde Pier Head on the 23rd April 2008.

W2 Dinosaur liveried tube train at Ryde St John's Road.jpg


Three electric units sitting outside Ryde St Johnís Roadís depot.
The Permanent Way depot is located on the Up side of the station.

w 080423 IoW 089.jpg


Unit 009 sets out from Ryde St Johnís Road with the 14:55 departure to Shanklin.

w 080423 IoW 085.jpg


Ryde Esplanade and a unit trundles down Ryde Pier with the 15:38 departure to the Pier Head
on 23rd April 2008. The right hand track had only recently been officially declared out of use.

W3 A former tube train trundles down Ryde Pier to meet the ferry.jpg


Red unit 009 at Ryde Pier Head awaits its driver in order
to depart with the 13:50 to Shanklin (23rd April 2008).

w 080423 IoW 058.jpg


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