Isle of Wight 2008 (2)

The number of platforms in use at Ryde Pier Head station has now
been reduced to one with a second still having its track in situ. The third
platform was never electrified and little remains of the formation.

x 080423 IoW 074.jpg


Only one platform is still in use at Ryde Pier Head has a substantial screen against the
prevailing wind. Behind the screen little remains of the former pier tramway station.

x 080423 IoW 077.jpg


The frontage of Ryde Esplanade station is positively underwhelming and barely noticeable.

x 080423 IoW 102.jpg


Ryde Esplanade station sits right on the end of the Pier and is well integrated with both
buses and hovercraft. On 23rd April 2008 unit 009 arrives with the 18:18 from Shanklin.

x 080423 IoW 125.jpg


Unit 009 climbs up the grade from Ryde tunnel and takes the single line into
Ryde Esplanade station. Service is the 17:18 from Shanklin 23rd April 2008.

x 080423 IoW 109.jpg


Signalling is controlled from Ryde St Johnís Road signal
box which is located at the south end of the station.

x 080423 IoW 004.jpg


The interior of Ryde St Johnís Road signal box.

x 080423 IoW 086.jpg


The interior of one of the coaches.

x 080423 IoW 071.jpg


The familiar London Transport maps have given way to Island Line!

x 080423 IoW 083.jpg


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