MPVs at Effingham Junction

Colas Rail managed the former Effingham Junction carriage sheds as an operating base for Network Rail’s MPVs. These are two-car units that carry detachable modules for various on-track activities such as water-jetting or anti-icing. There are two basic types of MPV – the T1 (Tranche 1) with a power car /trailer whilst the T2 (Tranche 2) has two power cars. As the exhaust pipes are difficult to spot, an easier means of distinguishing a T1 from a T2 is the large horizontal dampers fitted to the bogies of the latter. These photographs were taken in November 2008.

Effingham Sheds from the headshunt.

Oct Nov 2008 032.jpg


T2 DR98932 (left) & T1 DR98922 (right)

Oct Nov 2008 016.jpg

Oct Nov 2008 052.jpg


T1 DR98922 (left) & T2 DR98932 (right)

Oct Nov 2008 022.jpg


T1 DR 98913

Oct Nov 2008 026.jpg


MPVs and Geismar Units in the shed

Oct Nov 2008 051a.jpg


A selection of MPV modules

Oct Nov 2008 053.jpg Oct Nov 2008 054.jpg

Oct Nov 2008 055.jpg Oct Nov 2008 056.jpg

Oct Nov 2008 058.jpg Oct Nov 2008 059.jpg

T1 bogie

T2 bogie

Oct Nov 2008 070.jpg Oct Nov 2008 069.jpg


Colas has two Geismar units
although they see little use.

Oct Nov 2008 061.jpg

Oct Nov 2008 005a.jpg


T2 unit DR98932

Oct Nov 2008 066.jpg

Oct Nov 2008 072.jpg