3D DEMU reversal at Oxted

I was a regular traveller from Edenbridge Town and enjoyed the last years of the demus.

The timetable comprised shuttle services between Uckfield and Oxted with just two return workings daily Ė one each to London Bridge and Victoria. These days the bay at Oxted still sees limited use. Within these photographs the passing of the Veps should also not be forgotten having spent some twenty years operating on the East Grinstead line.

4-Vep crosses Oxted viaduct with the 15:24 arrival.

w up vep on 15-24 arr @ oxted viaduct.jpg


3D unit 207 202 approaches
to 15:48 terminate at 15:48.

w 207 202 on 15-48 arr @ oxted viaduct.jpg


207 202 shunts back into
the Down bay at Oxted.

w 207 202 shunts for 16-04 @ oxted 1.jpg


The 15:48ís onward connection to
London arrives from East Grinstead.

wl veps @ oxted.jpg


207 202 prepares to form the
16:04 departure to Uckfield.

w 207 202 on 16-04 @ oxted 2.jpg


At 16:06 it arrives at Hurst Green.

w 207 202 on 16-06 @ hurst green 2.jpg


Eight minutes later at 16:12 it
departs from Edenbridge Town.

w 207 202 on 16-12 @ dep ebt 1.jpg


Back at Oxted a 4-Cig is seen leaving with
the 16:31 departure to East Grinstead.

w dn cig 0n 16-31 @ oxted viaduct.jpg

Following the Clayton Tunnel fatality all 4-Cigs (Sussex & Kent) were fitted with window bars thus permitting their use on the East Grinstead line. The intermediate gangways between Cig or Vep units were required to be locked out of use through Oxted tunnel so passengers could not lean out of the driverís door droplights in the intermediate cabs.