MU jumpers at St Leonard’s West Marina

Railwayman often take many sights for granted – so some of these have been placed here for interest!

Whilst the jumpering of multiple units was a frequent sight between a DEMU and 07 shunter is far less common. The 07 was equipped with air pipes at one end only for shunting at SLEO.

Hi-level jumpers 2012 Nov 004.jpg            Hi-level jumpers 2012 Nov 007.jpg


Left - the other end of 07 011 has no jumpers.
Right – a TC driving trailer 76275 with its jumpers.

Class 07 2012 Nov 010.jpg            TC 2012 Nov 002.jpg

Ex-TC DTS 76275 was originally in unit 404 before replacing DTC 76501 in 4 VEP 3473 (Mar-92) thence to 4 VEP 3169 (24-Jul-92) followed by 4 VEP 3582 (8-Feb-95) which was placed off-lease following a derailment at Ramsgate depot (24-Apr-04). It was the last BR(S) passenger vehicle to use incandescent lighting.


Extension pipes were required to connect these two Berkshire motor coaches
together (ADB977940 & 60145). However, the 27-way jumper connects directly.

DEMU jumpers 2012 Nov 011.jpg                                DEMU jumpers 2012 Nov 016.jpg


On the DEMUs the right-hand air-pipes (relative to the driving position)
were removed being deemed unnecessary as the units were rarely split.
In some cases the mountings were left; in others they were plated over.

DEMU jumpering 2012 Nov 019.jpg                               DEMU jumpering 2012 Nov 017.jpg

Left ADB977940 (was 60149 from 1131)  -  Right 60145 from 1127 (had been ADB 977939)


Close-up of brake valves and sockets on ADB977940.

DEMU jumpering 2012 Nov 026.jpg


Jumpering on 3H DMBS 60145 (left) and 6L TSO (right).

DEMU jumpers 2012 Nov 022.jpg                               MU jumpering 2012 Nov 040.jpg